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We are Tassini Design

We believe in the beauty that results from good ideas. Ideas conceived from good taste, modernity and balance within each space. We design environments to please the most select tastes, putting dedication and care in every detail to achieve perfection. Discover our world of beautiful spaces, discover the TASSINI WORLD.

Our Services

Interior Design

Each corner has its own identity, giving each space its own life is part of what we like to do the most. Our design concepts are oriented to get the best of each place, no matter the size, we will be able to give life and a personalized touch of good taste to that place in your home or office.

Remodeling Design

We understand what changes mean and especially changes within each environment, therefore, we offer you the possibility of making any dream come true to make your spaces take a new perspective with styles adapted to your needs by the hand of the best trends modern and traditional.

Decoration Experts

Style and good taste have always characterized us and taking care of every detail is a priority for us. The essence of the elements that are integrated to form our own style is the basis of our concepts and when we plan the selection of each decorative piece we seek balance and perfection, it is our goal.

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